New Workspace Overview for Terraform Cloud

The new workspace Overview page for HashiCorp Terraform Cloud gives you a quick and easy-to-reference panel for all the important details in each of your workspaces.

Many organizations continue to grow the amount of infrastructure that they manage as code. As a result, provisioned resources are growing exponentially, and there’s a need to have an easy way to view each particular workspace’s relevant information. Whether it’s configuration details, configuration outputs or overall status, you need fast access to the right information at the right time.

HashiCorp Terraform Cloud provides organizations with a fast and easy way to adopt Terraform. This managed service offering provides everything practitioners, teams, and global businesses need to create and collaborate on infrastructure and manage risks for security, compliance, and operational constraints. The new workspace Overview page in Terraform Cloud allows you to more easily visualize your workspaces’ components and configurations.

Overview page

»Workspace Overview

Terraform Cloud has added a new “Overview” page to each workspace that provides immediate access to the workspace’s most relevant information. The main column of the Overview page will show information about the latest run, any available outputs, and it will render the README from the associated version control system (VCS) repository. The right column also has up to four areas focused on the workspace’s configuration, run triggers information, key performance indicator metrics, and accessibility from a team level.

Additional information is included at the top of the workspace view and is available on every page. These items display a readout of the managed resources, Terraform version in use, and the last update time. The workspace’s description is also an interactive link that gives you easy access to make updates to the description.

The “Latest Run” card is another area that provides new and useful information, showing you a quick summary of that latest Terraform operation. The card includes the description pulled from the VCS commit or the input from a manual operation. You can also see the source repository branch for the Terraform configuration and the specific commit.

Also worth noting: each of those items are interactive links that will take you directly to the repository or the commit. The latest run area also provides high-level views of any Sentinel policy checks, cost-estimation impact, estimates for the duration of the plan and apply operation, plus color-coded counters and a helpful bar graph showing how the managed resources may have been changed.

Latest run


HashiCorp Terraform Cloud has a new way to visualize workspace information at a glance. The workspace Overview page provides fantastic insight into what the workspace is managing, how it may be performing, and any potential actionable tasks. This new overview page also has many more improvements planned, so keep checking back here for updates.

Terraform Cloud is free to get started, and organizations can upgrade to the Team & Governance or Business tiers at any time. To get started, sign-up for Terraform Cloud and follow our Get Started tutorial or contact HashiCorp Sales.

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