Vault integrations with New Relic, Cloudbees, Coder, and more continue to strengthen customer security

Eight new HashiCorp Vault ecosystem integrations extend security use cases for customers.

HashiCorp’s approach to identity-based security provides a solid foundation for companies to safely migrate and secure infrastructure, applications, and data as they move to multi-cloud environments. The new Vault partner integrations highlighted here extend the HashiCorp ecosystem into new security use cases.

Vault integrations

»Vault Enterprise

We’re pleased to announce four new Vault Enterprise integrations:


CloudBees provides a software delivery platform for enterprises enabling them to increase development velocity with reduced risk. To help better secure these applications for customers, the company has launched a new Vault Jenkins plugin, allowing organizations to more easily integrate secrets management to their software CI/CD pipeline. In addition to supporting both Vault Community and Enterprise editions, this Jenkins plugin also supports HCP Vault.


Futurex, a provider of hardened, enterprise-class data security solutions, has integrated with HashiCorp Vault's managed keys feature so customers can leverage the enhanced encryption and key management capabilities of the Futurex KMES Series 3. The managed keys feature (which delegates handling, storing, and interacting with private key material to a trusted external key management service (KMS)) empowers organizations to strengthen security for handling, storing, and interacting with private key material when required by business or compliance requirements. These managed keys are used in Vault’s PKI secrets engine for offloading privileged PKI operations to the hardware security module (HSM).


Scality are the providers of RING, a software-defined, scale-out storage management solution. RING is now integrated with Vault for external key management. With this long awaited integration utilizing the KMIP protocol, end users of RING can now utilize Vault Enterprise to provide encryption keys to encrypt storage objects while hardening their storage security posture.


Securosys, a solutions provider in cybersecurity and encryption completed a new Vault plugin that implements a platform-agnostic, REST-based HSM interface, eliminating connectivity hurdles by using secure web connections (TLS). Building off existing strengths between Securosys and Vault Enterprise, this new integration employs the new REST interface to take advantage of Vault’s managed key features to further harden Vault and offload cryptographic operations to the cloud-aware Primus HSM.

»Vault Community

We’re pleased to announce a pair of new HashiCorp Vault Community integrations:


Coder, a self-hosted remote development platform that shifts software development from local machines to the cloud, now leverages HashiCorp Vault to securely store and retrieve sensitive secrets required in the development pipeline, ensuring the right secrets are available to the right entities at the right time.


KeepHQ, is an open source AIOps data aggregation platform that acts as a single pane of glass to the myriad alerts and logs in any environment, minimizing alert fatigue. Keep can now utilize a customer’s instance of Vault to access secrets for applications, providing alerts and notifications to help operators optimize the aggregation pipeline.

»HCP Vault

In addition to the previously listed CloudBees HCP Vault integration, we’re pleased to announce two additional HCP Vault integrations:

»Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere’s Automation 360, which delivers secure enterprise automation alongside process intelligence to improve operational efficiency, can now retrieve credentials from HCP Vault or Vault Enterprise. As new bots and processes are created within Automation 360, customers no longer need to manage separate credentials for each application in the process pipeline as this blocker is removed and offloaded through a seamless integration that allows the customer’s own instance of Vault to manage and rotate these secrets, providing a better security posture for the customer.

»New Relic

New Relic, which builds observability solutions to help engineering teams analyze and troubleshoot their applications and services, announced their new HCP Vault integration with New Relic Instant Observability. Metrics and logs observability are crucial for ensuring the performance and security of your HCP Vault cluster and essential for understanding client-related usage. The HCP Vault integration with New Relic IO provides an out-of-the-box dashboard for HCP Vault metrics and audit logs to quickly and easily gain deep insight into the health of your HCP Vault environment.

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