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What’s happening at KubeCon Europe 2023

Attending KubeCon EU, either in person or online? Check out what HashiCorp is doing and talking about at the event, and learn about recent Kubernetes-related product features.

KubeCon Europe 2023 is the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s flagship conference, bringing the open source and cloud native computing communities together for four days of education, information, and learning.

While the continent’s pre-eminent live event in Amsterdam has long been sold out, with an estimated 10,000 attendees on site, everyone else can still tune in virtually from Tuesday 18 April through Friday 21 April to access all of the show’s content, from the keynote to breakout sessions. And online attendees don’t have to worry that popular sessions will fill up before you claim your seat.

HashiCorp is a Silver sponsor of the event, and we’re once again planning a big presence for both in-person and virtual attendees. As a leading infrastructure automation software provider for the practitioner community, we embrace the opportunity to support DevOps, SREs, and platform engineers in harnessing HashiCorp tools to work with Kubernetes.

At our booth (S6, near the main entrance) and across multiple breakout sessions, HashiCorp and other experts will be discussing how to apply zero trust security principles to Kubernetes and the role of service mesh. HashiCorp Senior Developer Advocate Kerim Satirli, for example, is leading an in-booth partner session on Kubernetes Ingress with Consul and ngrok on Wednesday, 19 April. We’ll also be recapping the latest features relevant to Kubernetes across our product line, including HashiCorp Vault, Boundary, Consul, and Terraform. And, of course, we’re always excited to provide wider information and insights on HashiCorp’s approach to critical trends such as zero trust security and multi-cloud adoption.

»Don’t miss these HashiCorp-related breakout sessions

Whether you’re attending in person or online, be sure to check out these useful and informative HashiCorp related sessions at KubeCon Europe 2023:

»Snyk + HashiCorp Workshop: Securing Your Infrastructure as Code Hosted by Snyk

Tuesday, April 18 @ 14:30 CEST / Virtual

This virtual AWS workshop can show you how to scan and deploy an infrastructure as code (IaC) project to AWS using Snyk and HashiCorp Terraform. Experts from HashiCorp and Snyk will demonstrate how to use their products’ CLI and web interfaces to identify and fix issues. To participate, sign up for free Terraform Cloud and Snyk accounts.

»Two Houses, Both Alike in Dignity: Gateway API and MCS API

Friday, April 21 @ 11:00 CEST / Hall 7, Room E | Ground Floor | Europe Complex

Mike Morris, Senior Engineer at HashiCorp, joins Google’s Laura Lorenz and Rob Scott along with Stephen Kitt from Red Hat for this intermediate level session on a pair of Kubernetes-native APIs: Gateway API and the MCS API along with the GAMMA initiative. The panel — speaking from their experience both developing the upstream standard and actually implementing the APIs with different vendors, will address how they fit into the larger ecosystem of service discovery solutions, including service meshes and vendor-specific tooling.

»Accelerate Zero Trust Security with HashiCorp and Rancher Prime

Wednesday April 19 @ 12:45 CEST / Rancher by SUSE Booth

This SUSE/Rancher and HashiCorp partner session is ed by HashiCorp Senior Solutions Engineer Cojan van Ballegooijen. Zero trust security is predicated on securing everything based on trusted identities. With HashiCorp’s model around zero trust security, organizations can manage their transition to the cloud while maintaining the level of security they need, one that trusts nothing and authenticates and authorizes everything. This session will address how to scale HashiCorp’s zero trust security solutions across Kubernetes deployments running on SUSE Rancher.

»Cloud Native DevSec Party

Wednesday April 19 @ 20:00 CEST / Fabrique des Lumières

The Prisma Cloud and HashiCorp teams are hosting a KubeCon afterparty with cocktails, appetizers, an audiovisual show, Salvador Dalí's art, and DJ Nicky. Prisma Cloud’s VP of EMEA and LATAM Jon Burghart and HashiCorp EMEA Field CTO Sarah Polan will present on stage as well. Save your spot here.

»Learn more even if you can’t attend KubeCon Europe

Even if you can’t attend KubeCon this year, you can still keep up to date with the things HashiCorp will be talking about at the event. Check out these resources for insights and background on the hottest topics at KubeCon:

»Securing Kubernetes with HashiCorp tools

Manually securing Kubernetes can leave your organization vulnerable. Fortunately, many of these challenges can be addressed using a zero trust security strategy. HashiCorp’s zero trust security approach addresses Kubernetes security challenges by introducing automated workflows that dynamically generate, store, encrypt, and rotate secrets; securely connect services between Kubernetes clusters and non-Kubernetes clusters; and help ensure user access is consistent and secure. To learn more, watch HashiCorp Co-Founder and CTO Armon Dadgar explain how to solve common Kubernetes security challenges in this whiteboard video:

»Using HashiCorp Vault with Kubernetes

HashiCorp Vault allows applications and users to securely and elegantly store and retrieve secrets. By integrating with Kubernetes, Vault can expose this functionality to applications that run on top of Kubernetes pods as well as let existing Vault systems interface with Kubernetes infrastructure. Using the new Vault Secrets Operator to get secrets directly from Kubernetes helps operators, practitioners, and security administrators work faster and more securely, while supporting standard Terraform Cloud workflows, permissions, and more. To learn more, read Rich DuBose and Tom Chwojko-Frank’s blog post on the Vault Secrets Operator: A new method for Kubernetes integration.

»Connecting to Kubernetes Clusters with HashiCorp Boundary

HashiCorp Boundary is a tool for managing access to modern, dynamic infrastructure based on identity. In conjunction with Boundary, users can leverage Vault to auto-generate short-lived credentials just-in-time, so remote users don’t have to store permanent Kubernetes tokens on their local machines. To learn more, read Van Phan and Ravi Panchal’s blog post on How to Connect to Kubernetes Clusters Using Boundary.

»Zero trust security in Kubernetes via HashiCorp Consul service mesh

A service mesh like HashiCorp Consul can be an essential part of applying zero trust security principles to modern, complex, Kubernetes deployments. And that’s only one of the many things that Consul can do. To learn more, read Ashher Syed’s blog post Zero trust security for Kubernetes with a service mesh and discover 3 Surprising things Consul service mesh can do, by Ashher Syed and Van Phan.

»Explore the Terraform Cloud Operator for Kubernetes

The Terraform Cloud Operator for Kubernetes allows lifecycle management of cloud and on-premises infrastructure through a single Kubernetes custom resource. The operator uses a Kubernetes custom resource definition (CRD) to manage Terraform Cloud workspaces. These workspaces execute a Terraform run to provision resources while leveraging Terraform Cloud for proper state handling and locking, sequential execution of runs, and established patterns for injecting secrets and provisioning resources. To learn more about the Terraform Cloud Operator for Kubernetes, now in public beta, check out the GitHub repository.

Whether you're attending KubeCon Europe 2023 in person or remotely, we’re sure you’ll have a rewarding experience, and we look forward to answering your questions and helping you get the most out of the event.

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