How Do I Convince Upper Management to Support Vault Adoption?

Feb 11, 2020

Upper management will typically be on board for security reasons, and people at the operations level who have a preference for other products can usually be won over by demonstrating Vault's strengths.


  • Jake Lundberg

    Jake Lundberg

    Senior Solutions Engineer, HashiCorp

» Transcript

Surprisingly, the objections that we get from our customers are rarely from upper management. Once we've reached that level of talking to people, they usually understand that security is such a big initiative within their companies that it's very hard for them to object to a secrets management solution that helps them increase their security.

Typically, if there are any issues between people, it's more at the operator level, where people have a preference to use one product versus another one, and some of that is just previous products that maybe they're more comfortable with than using Vault. It's usually fairly rare that we find those objections over long periods of time.

What typically happens is once people see the breadth and the ease of use and the scalability of Vault as a product, it's much easier for them to champion against any detractors that they may have in their company. And once you have a consolidated picture or message for your management structure, the management people are usually on board quite quickly.

» Vault’s strengths speak for themselves

If you're getting objections from people within your company about whether to purchase Vault or employ Vault into your environment, what we typically find with our more successful deployments is that they show the strengths of Vault against any of the other solutions that may be causing objections within your environment, and show things like scalability, the ability to do replication between your datacenters.

With Vault, you'd be able to filter information between various localities, which may help with regulatory requirements like, say, GDPR in Europe, and not being able to export data into the United States.

What we typically find is that Vault is such a strong solution for your environment, to convince those people that are detractors, just show them the capabilities that you have: the wide range of secrets solutions, the wide range of authentication methods, the very easy authorization policies that you have within Vault.

And then the extension and the enterprise products with things like replication; Sentinel, which allows you to do extended policy management; and disaster recovery for increased reliance on your systems.

The strengths of the product are generally enough to help convince those people who may have a preference for other products. Or there’s how you can integrate this solution to strengthen the weaknesses of other products that you may decide to keep inside your organization.

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