Modernizing Application Deployments with HashiCorp Consul on Microsoft Azure

Jun 19, 2019

Organizations typically find it difficult to migrate applications to cloud environments in a single motion. The idea of “lift & shift” becomes harder to do when it involves applications that are critical to the business. A better approach is to focus on specific workloads and move them programmatically, but this presents a new challenge, ensuring consistent connectivity of services across all environments. In this webinar, we’ll explore how HashiCorp Consul and Microsoft are working together to overcome this challenge.


  • Nic Jackson

    Nic Jackson

    Developer Advocate, HashiCorp
  • Eugene Chuvyrov

    Eugene Chuvyrov

    Senior Cloud Architect, Microsoft

» Manage Services in any Environment

HashiCorp Consul provides a distributed service mesh to connect, secure, and configure services across any runtime platform and private or public cloud. As organizations turn to microservice deployments for critical applications, utilizing a single workflow to manage these services across all their environments makes it easier to leverage the scalability that cloud has to offer. This transition, while necessary, can be slow to minimize the impact on business-critical functions. Hybrid cloud environments that exist as a transition phase between fully dynamic, cloud environments and legacy datacenters. Microsoft has recognized the need to support these transitional environments and by utilizing tools like HashiCorp and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), it becomes easier to accomplish. At KubeCon EU in Barcelona, Microsoft addressed this challenge through the introduction of a new Service Mesh Interface (SMI) framework. This provides users with a standard for implementing Consul to control service traffic in Kubernetes environments.

In this webinar, we’ll explore what a modern service mesh deployment should look like and how Microsoft’s new SMI enables easier adoption of Consul service mesh on Azure.

» Watch this webinar to learn:

  • What the roadmap for Consul’s service mesh features is
  • How to Consul and AKS can be used to modernize applications
  • See an example of an application running in a Hybrid environment
  • Live Q&A

» Outline

00:00 - Introductions

00:30 - Overview of Consul and Service Meshes

10:35 - Provisioning an AKS cluster and AKS Overview

20:00 - Deploying an application to an AKS cluster

29:00 - Over of the Service Mesh Interface (SMI)

37:00 - Using SMI to configure Consul Intentions

41:15 - Roadmap of Consul's service mesh capabilities

45:00 - Q&A

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