Spotlight: Consul KV CLI

Dec 1 2016 Seth Vargo consul

The recent release of Consul 0.7.1 included a number of exciting new features. One powerful new capability is the addition of a full-featured CLI for interacting with Consul's key-value store. This blog post explores the new Consul KV CLI with some great examples and techniques.

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HashiCorp, DevOps, and the Application Delivery process

Nov 28 2016 Armon Dadgar hashicorp

Today we are excited to formally release DevOps Defined, a guide for adopting DevOps to accelerate application delivery. Two years ago we published our Tao of HashiCorp, in which we detailed the design principles and philosophy behind our tools. Since then we have launched several new open source projects including Vault and Nomad which follow the Tao. It has been an extremely useful resource for giving our technology a shared direction.

However, technology is just one aspect software development. Software organizations are composed of people, processes, and technology. While it's easy to focus on just the technology, it is ultimately just an enabler of successful people and process. Thus, it's important to understand the workflows and productivity of the people that power software organizations. Our organizations should be designed to align teams through empowering workflows. To us, that is the essence of DevOps.

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Consul and Vault on AWS: Quick Start Guides

Nov 22 2016 Jana Boruta hashicorp, partner

At HashiCorp, we make tools that automate the modern datacenter, so you can secure, provision, and run any application on any infrastructure. Today we are excited to announce the general availability of AWS Quick Start Guides for two of our popular open source tools: Consul and Vault.

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Consul 0.7.1

Nov 21 2016 James Phillips consul

We are excited to release Consul 0.7.1. Consul is a critical infrastructure service for organizations that rely on it for service discovery, key/value storage, and health checks.

The focus for Consul 0.7.1 is the ability to take a complete snapshot of Consul's state and restore it for disaster recovery. With three or more servers, Consul is highly available, but if a cluster is lost completely, it's essential that organizations have a workflow to quickly restore Consul as the source of truth for the status of applications and resources in their infrastructure.

New snapshot CLI and APIs provide an easy mechanism for operators to capture and restore the complete state of a Consul cluster. Consul Enterprise adds a new Snapshot service to automatically schedule taking snapshots, sending them off site, and rotating them.

Read on to learn more about snapshot and restore features in this release. You can also read the 0.7.1 change log for details on features like the new key/value store CLI, AWS auto discovery, and more.

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