Terraform Cloud Updates Improve Workflow Visibility

Announcing several improvements to HashiCorp Terraform Cloud, focusing on visibility and extensibility.

Today at HashiConf Europe, we’re announcing updates for HashiCorp Terraform Cloud that make it easier to understand workspace configurations, simplify module consumption, and let you integrate existing tools into the Terraform Cloud workflow.

Terraform Cloud is the best way for practitioners and teams to securely store the state of their infrastructure, remotely apply changes, and collaborate with others in a way that ensures consistency. Terraform Cloud has added more than 5,000 new users per month since its initial release in 2019, with over 500,000 runs executed monthly. We continue to see growing demand for Terraform Cloud from organizations that want to consume infrastructure as a managed service.

»Workspace Overviews

Terraform Cloud workspaces allow you to break up infrastructure by functionality, role access, team, or policy set within your organization. To make improvements to your Terraform workspaces, you must understand the infrastructure they manage. Terraform Cloud has added a new “Overview” page to each workspace that provides at-a-glance access to the workspace’s most relevant information. The main column of the Overview page shows:

  • Information about the latest run
  • Details about the resources in a workspace
  • Any configured outputs

To provide even more context, Terraform Cloud can now also render the README from any associated version control system (VCS) repository and provide a quick “Description” field. The right column also has up to four areas focused on the workspace’s configuration, Run Triggers information, key performance-indicator metrics, and accessibility from a team level.

We are also continuing to update the page with new features being released as beta. The first update includes an output of the managed resources, which has been added alongside the Outputs as shown here:

Terraform Cloud workspace overview

Find additional information about the new workspace Overview page on the HashiCorp blog: New Workspace Overview for Terraform Cloud. We invite you to share your feedback on the new page using the in-product feedback link.

»Public Module Curation in the Private Module Registry

The Terraform Registry has grown significantly over the past several years. It is now home to more than 5,000 modules that provide a wide range of capabilities, from provisioning any number of AWS-based instances to calculating subnet addresses. With so many options, it is important to make sure that the public modules you’re using are compliant with your company's policies.

Terraform Cloud has provided a way for administrators to share custom modules with their organization through a central location called the private module registry, and organization members can search and filter through the available modules. Now, it also integrates public modules sourced from the Terraform Registry. This makes it easy for practitioners to reference a consistent set of modules. Whether you are just getting started with a new public cloud or want to migrate other cloud services (such as Datadog or Cisco Intersight services) to Terraform, it’s now a lot simpler to promote a curated set of public modules across your organization.

Administrators can search for and share specific public modules through their Terraform Cloud Registry, without the need to fork/clone and maintain various public module versions:

Terraform Cloud Registry

To learn how to use the private module registry in your organization, check out our new tutorial, Add Public Modules to Your Private Module Registry.

»Terraform Cloud Run Tasks

Terraform Cloud run tasks will be an upcoming beta offering that will let you integrate your existing tools and third-party platforms directly into the Terraform Cloud workflow. An example of this in use today would be Sentinel, HashiCorp’s policy as code framework, running policy checks between the plan and apply phases of a Terraform Cloud run. However, for example, you can extend run tasks to send notifications to an external approval source or perform additional validation against a repository’s configuration:

Terraform Cloud run checks

More information about Terraform Cloud run tasks will be available later this year. You can sign up for beta access here: Terraform Cloud Beta Sign-Up

»Try the New Terraform Cloud Capabilities for Free

Terraform Cloud, including these latest rounds of updates, is free to try, and organizations can upgrade to the Team & Governance or Business tiers at any time. To get started, sign up for Terraform Cloud and follow our Get Started tutorial or contact HashiCorp Sales if you’re interested in self-managing Terraform Enterprise.

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