Secrets Management 

Centrally store, access, and distribute secrets like API keys, AWS IAM/STS credentials, SQL/NoSQL databases, X.509 certificates, SSH credentials, and more.

Centrally Manage Secrets to Reduce Secrets Sprawl

The Challenge

Secrets for applications and systems need to be centralized and static IP-based solutions don't scale in dynamic environments with frequently changing applications and machines.

The Solution

Vault centrally manages and enforces access to secrets and systems based on trusted sources of application and user identity.


Using Vault to Protect Adobe's Secrets and User Data Across Clouds and Datacenters

Securing secrets and application data is a complex task for globally distributed organizations. For Adobe, managing secrets for over 20 products across 100,000 hosts, four regions, and trillions of transactions annually requires a different approach altogether.

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Secrets Management Features

Secret Storage

Encrypt and store data in the storage backend of your choice.

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  1. CODE:
  2. $ cat vault.config
  3. storage "consul" {
  4. address = ""
  5. path = "vault"
  6. }
  7. listener "tcp" {
  8. address = ""
  9. }
  10. telemetry {
  11. statsite_address = ""
  12. disable_hostname = true
  13. }

Dynamic Secrets

Dynamic secrets are ephemeral, programmatically generated when they are accessed and do not exist until they are read, reducing risk of someone stealing them or another client using the same secrets. Dynamic secrets can be revoked immediately after use, minimizing the life of the secret.

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Provide secure multi-tenancy with isolated, self-managed environments.

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Secure Plugins

Extend Vault with pluggable secret engines such as Consul, MySql, AWS, MongoDB, and more.

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Detailed Audit Logs

Detailed audit logs provide detailed history of client interaction — authentication, token creation, secret access & revocation — which can be used to detect security breaches and attempted access to systems, and guide policy enforcement.

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  1. CODE:
  2. $ cat audit.log | jq {
  3. "time": "2018-08-27T13:17:11.609621226Z",
  4. "type": "response",
  5. "auth": {
  6. "client_token": "hmac-sha256:5c40f1e051ea75b83230a5bf16574090f697dfa22a78e437f12c1c9d226f45a5",
  7. "accessor": "hmac-sha256:f254a2d442f172f0b761c9fd028f599ad91861ed16ac3a1e8d96771fd920e862",
  8. "display_name": "token",
  9. "metadata": null,
  10. "entity_id": ""
  11. }
  12. }

Lease and Revoke Secrets

Minimize the impact of secrets exposure by limiting how long credentials can live by creating time-based tokens for automatic or manual revocation and management.

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  1. CODE:
  2. $ vault read database/creds/readonly
  3. Key Value
  4. --- -----
  5. lease_id database/creds/readonly/3e8174da-6ca0-143b-aa8c-4c238aa02809
  6. lease_duration 1h0m0s
  7. lease_renewable true
  8. password A1a-w2xv2zsq4r5ru940
  9. username v-token-readonly-48rt0t36sxp4wy81x8x1-1515627434
  10. [ … ]
  11. $ vault renew database/creds/readonly/3e8174da-6ca0-143b-aa8c-4c238aa02809
  12. Key Value
  13. --- -----
  14. lease_id database/creds/readonly/3e8174da-6ca0-143b-aa8c-4c238aa02809
  15. lease_duration 1h0m0s
  16. lease_renewable true
  17. $ vault leas

Vault Open Source and Enterprise Features

Learn more about secret management features with Vault Open Source and collaboration, governance, and multi-datacenter features with Vault Enterprise.