Azure Friday: Using HashiCorp Vault with AKS

Feb 14, 2019

Watch a live demo of Vault's Kubernetes auth method for allowing containers in a pod to access secrets.


  • Yoko Hyakuna

    Yoko Hyakuna

    Vault Product Education Engineer, HashiCorp

If a container needs to talk to an external database, where should you put the database credentials? HashiCorp Vault secrets management engine can handle jobs like this, however, more and more organizations are orchestrating large numbers of containers using Kubernetes, and the scale of the problem is multiplied.

In this Azure Friday session, HashiCorp Vault product education engineer Yoko Hyakuna live-demos how you can easily authenticate containers running in a Kubernetes cluster against Vault (specifically using the Azure Kubernetes Service). You'll also learn about a method for managing large numbers of container authentications in Kubernetes with the help of the new Vault Agent feature.

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