HashiCorp Vault dans l'eco-systeme Red Hat

Nov 13, 2019

Learn how HashiCorp Vault and Red Hat's Ansible work better together.


  • David Clauvel

    David Clauvel

    Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, Red Hat
  • Nicolas Ehrman

    Nicolas Ehrman

    Senior Solutions Engineer, HashiCorp

The shift from static and consolidated to dynamic and distributed infrastructure introduces challenges for people that manage infrastructure. The challenge for security professionals is to rethink their approach to perimeter-based security and reconsider security holistically across a dynamic, distributed fleet. Nicolas and David will present how you can use Vault to secure Red Hat's Ansible Tower to showcase how the two tools can be used in a very complimentary manner.

» What you'll learn

  • What is Vault?
  • What is Ansible & Ansible Tower?
  • Demo: Using Terraform, Vault, and Ansible to secure secrets on a JBoss EAP, SQL Server, Linux stack
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