Zen & the Art of Multi-Cloud Maintenance: A HashiStack Master Class

Feb 05, 2020

Watch this masterclass on using the HashiStack to manage and maintain multi-cloud infrastructure.

In this master class session, Lev Andelman and Andrei Burd from SeatGeek show you how it's possible to get consistent workflows any applications on any platform, and on any cloud or on-prem infrastructure.

The class begins with a simple environment and then deep dives into more complex infrastructure. Learn how to utilize these concepts in greenfield applications and how to enhance your current infrastructure. You'll also learn how to integrate Kubernetes with your legacy servers in on-prem and cloud environments.

» Part 1 - Get into the Zen - Concepts & Fundamentals

(1.5 Hours)

  • 12 factor apps: Learn how to create generic artifacts that are easier to deploy
  • Immutable infrastructure: understanding this concept will reduce “it worked in my environment.”
  • Packer and Terraform basics (Hands-on) (v 0.12): Build simple AWS environment

» Part 2 - Meditate with Consul, Vault, and Terraform

(2 Hours)

  • Terraform: best practices, using modules, seperate states, orchestrate deployments
  • Service discovery and configuration management: with Consul ( hands-on)
  • Secret management through Vault: configuration of dynamic servers, encryption as a service and how to make it easy for your development teams to utilize it (hands-on)

» Part 3 - The enlightenment - Legacy & New World

(1.5 Hours)

  • Orchestration with Nomad (hands-on)
  • Integrate your legacy systems with Kubernetes by using Consul (hands-on)
  • Building hybrid cloud / multi-cloud infrastructure by using Consul service mesh
  • Integrating Kubernetes with Vault
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